Bridgestone Dueler Tires

When it comes to your tires, it’s always a smart idea to pick quality over quantity. For almost 100 years Bridgestone has been working on just that; quality tires. Today Bridgestone is recognized globally known for their high-performance and rugged dependability. They satisfy all kinds of vehicles such as light trucks, automobiles and SUVs for their durability, traction control, and on-road and off-road performance.

Bridgestone has created the “Dueler” line of tires specifically for 4WD vehicles. Bridgestone Dueler Tires are highly recommended for a large selection of vehicles including trucks, SUVs, and cross over utility vehicles (CUVs). This line of tires is jam packed with the latest technology to provide you with unparalleled performance, rugged dependability and a quiet ride. Other than their solid performance, high traction control and dependability, Bridgestone Dueler tires provide a greater sense of pleasure when driving 4WD vehicles. And of course Bridgestone is known for delivering quality products and outstanding customer service at a price pretty much everyone can afford.

Picking the right Dueler’s for you – A quick overview

Tires are often classified by seasons. Some are designed specifically for winter, some are designed for spring, summer and fall while others are designed to deliver all-season performance. Tires can be further classified by the materials used or ability to be used in specific applications (such as mud, off road, and ice & snow). Below you will find an overview of some of the more popular tires in the Dueler lineup:

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza:

This kind of tire is categorized for light and/or medium trucks. It includes 3D Sipes and Optimized Block & Void Design which enhance winter and wet performances and conditions. Also, in durability, the Ever-Black Sidewall technology preserves sidewall appearance during time and its Wide Center Rib improves wear and handling. Additionally, a platinum pact limited warranty is included.

Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia (eco):

This environmentally friendly silica based tire reduces fuel consumption while maintaining the efficiency of the tire’s performance. The compound’s procedure affects the amount of energy absorbed in the tire while rolling. It causes less resistance rolling, thus less consumption of fuel to move. One of its features include Fuel Saver Sidewall Compound which helps increase fuel performance by returning more energy to the tire. Also, Bridgestone included Continuous Ribs grooved onto the tire. This special technology reduces heat build-up and increase traction control while offering less noise disturbance for the driver. As for weather conditions, Dueler H/L Ecos handle exceptionally well on wet surfaces due to the special circumferential groove technology that channels water out of the footprint area. Bridgestone’s industry leading Platinum Pact Limited Warranty is included with this tire guaranteeing the performance of these tires for 3 years.

Bridgestone Dueler AT/REVO 2 (eco):

This all terrain, all-seasoned tough exterior tire is made for on-road and especially off-road experiences. The Dueler AT’s strength towards wet and snowy conditions are closely associated with the tires dizzying array of technological features. The Semi-Stealth Blocks and Open Shoulder Trend Design calibrate the tire’s stiffness to expand its handling and water evacuation in tough conditions. The Stepped Inside Notch & Saw Tooth Groove improves snow traction. For durability, features include Bridgestone’s patented DuraTech polymer. This greatly reduces chances of chipping and tearing – especially in harsh off-road conditions. A Dual Layer Thread also enhances durability by exposing high grip rubber as the tire ages. Bridgestone’s Platinum Pact warranty is also included.

Bridgestone Dueler APT IV:

An off-road master, this all-season tire provides the necessary technology and manufacturing to handle the thickest of mud and other hostile weather conditions. The APT’s superior traction control relies on extreme grooving for grip and a special silica-based tread stock for durability and control. These tires include Bridgestone’s Tread Block Design for superior tread clearing and Bridgestone’s Off-Shoulder technology, which bite into snow and mud. The Dual Directional Tread Block Notches and the Interlocking ZigZag Grooves further aid in snow and mud traction control. As for on-road experiences, the Aggressive 2-in-1 Tread Block Design implies handling and stability, while the Noise-Optimized Tread Design helps to smoothen and quiet down the ride. This is the great option of serious off road use and daily driving comfort. As always, Bridgestone’s Platinum Pact limited warranty is included with these tires.

Bridgestone H/T 684:

In the spirit of Bridgestone’s industry crushing off-road performance tires, this All-season Dueler is designed for mild off road use with a greater focus on on-road comfort, reliability and handling. The relatively smooth exterior design gives the diver a comfortable ride while high-performance technology built into the rubber enhances the tire’s ability in adverse conditions. The H/T’s Spiral Wrap design allows for extra performance one the highway while its rounded casing profile offers a smooth and comfortable drive. These tires were also built tough with reinforced shoulder ribs for exceptionally long tread life. A system of wide straight grooves and notches help the H/T’s perform in all seasons, including winter and wet performance. Naturally, Bridgestone’s Platinum Pact limited warranty is included with the the H/Ts.

Bridgestone H/L 400:

This is Bridgestone’s original all-season tire built with value and dependability in mind. The main differences between the H/T 684 and H/L 400 is that the H/L 400 has less high end technological features. But that doesn’t mean these are cheap – Bridgestone built these right, and it’s an excellent choice for people who don’t demand as much high end performance from their Tires. Like I said before, Bridgestone built a tire for every budget and the H/L 400′s ensure that anyone can afford a safe and reliable set of tires. It totally goes without saying, but Bridgestone’s Platinum Pact limited warranty is included with the the H/L 400s.

More Information On Specific Bridgestone Dueler Tires

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